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The Great Outdoors & Healthy Living

There have been several people through the years that took my advice on healthy living to heart... and it fills me with joy to see how it has transformed their lives. I commend them, because it takes a lot of discipline, hard work, and the will to do what it takes to change. I believe everyone wants to be happy, but some people don't understand why they can't seem to obtain it. They just stay in the safe bubble they've always known. But is it really safe? When you never allow yourself to experience new things that challenge you to grow, then life can turn into just a routine. Yes, it's scary. You've never done it before. You're going to have to give up things. But there is the average life and then there is extreme life, where you feel fulfillment. You start accomplishing things you didn't think you could. Then, before you realize it... you're excited to get out of bed each day. Life becomes passionate and those around you start noticing. They sense the fire within you and it inspires them. No, success is not measured in money. It is measured in how truly happy and healthy you are in your everyday life.

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