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Adventure Photography

What is Adventure Photography?

If you or your loved one are a big fan of the great outdoors, you might be interested in scheduling some adventure photography. This doesn’t necessarily mean lots of hiking or doing anything dangerous, but it does mean embracing an adventurous spirit. At Stacy Burk Photography, that spirit will always be part of us, body and soul, and we are excited to get some great pictures at the most scenic locations near Sedona or anywhere in the iconic Southwest.

When you hire us, we take care of water, transportation- basically everything except some comfortable walking shoes. We even bring cowboy hats, shawls, and a portable changing tent so you can switch out your outfits in comfort and privacy. Our friendly choreographer will make sure you look and feel your best before the shutter ever starts clicking. Whether you have a detailed plan in mind or just want to improvise, we’re here to help you have a great time.


Hiring an Adventure Wedding or Portrait Photographer? 

Not every photographer will understand how to take your photos in an adventure” setting, or even have the right equipment and preparation to do it justice. It’s always best to stick with an experienced adventure photographer like Stacy Burk so you know your pictures will come out as good as possible.
Just imagine how spectacular some photos from the Red Rocks of Sedona will look, with just you, your future spouse, and no one else around. We can even provide the officiant so you just have to focus on your love, your happiness, and the memories of the day. 

Stacy Burk Photography
Stacy Burk Photography
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