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Professional Elopement, Wedding
and Adventure Photography in Sedona
(Officiant and Witness Available)

Stacy Burk Photography

STudio Quality Lighting In the Great OuTdoors

Stacy Burk Photography
Sedona, AZ


We've been photographing the Southwest and performing Guided Hiking Tours for close to thirty years, so we know the best and most beautiful locations... especially in Sedona.      

No matter which Package you choose... "Capture Your Sedona Experience", Adventure Proposal, Elopement, Anniversary, Maternity or Family...

We will give you an unmatched experience!

 Elopements are our biggest seller. Why? No stress, no drama and no people. It's just you and nature. And with studio-quality outdoor lighting at your disposal and thirty years of experience, my choreographer and I help you capture stunning pictures you will cherish forever.


We are known for our unsurpassed quality and professionalism when it comes to photographing weddings in Sedona, Arizona. We help you create one-of-a-kind photographs because we take the time to understand your vision and even inspire new photo ideas. From stunning dramatic shots to candid and natural, my choreographer and I help you create genuine heart-felt cinematic masterpieces. We incorporate movement and inspired poses to produce stunning photos, shot after shot. Our photography is highly coveted throughout the Southwest due to our knowledge of lighting and accessibility to the most beautiful landscapes in Arizona.

After we professionally edit each photo, we place everything into an exclusive online photo album. This gallery lets you easily share and download your wedding photographs.

Reserve your date by giving us a call or booking an appointment online with the best wedding photographer in Sedona, Arizona.


Our packages don't stop there. The "Capture Your Sedona Experience" takes you on a fun stress-free adventure in the beautiful Red Rocks during sunset. We've designed this to capture you in a unique way that would otherwise be impossible to do yourself. Also, check out our Monument Valley Photo Package, which includes exploring the most iconic and majestic landscape in Arizona.

Give us a call to create a beautiful photography experience of your own.

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