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I'm so honored to have been awarded 'The Best Wedding Photographer of 2023 in Sedona'. When Nitzia and I moved here, it seemed impossible to ever make it in Photography because of all the fierce competition. We worked 3 and 4 jobs at a time to be able to make ends meet, while taking free photo jobs to show off our work. After a few years, word of mouth spread of our unique Photography and it wasn't too long before our calendar was completely booked full. We give all the glory to God and so grateful to do what we love. Even though Nitzia is in heaven now, I hope she is proud and celebrating what we accomplished. Thank you everyone for your support over the years and choosing us to capture your precious moments. God bless you!

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Sometimes I have couples that worry if their special day will have beautiful weather or not. Like, what happens if it's raining or snowing???

Well, let me tell you... I get some of the most dramatic shots on days with bad weather. Dramatic weather produces dramatic situations which creates dramatic shots! Couples usually end up in awe at the results and realized that the bad weather was really God blessing them on their special day.

In other words... God made their special day really, really special!

Here's some of my shots of a recent wedding on a rainy and snowy day.

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One of our absolute favorite type of shoots are our Surprise Adventure Engagement Shoots. Since it is very common for couples nowadays to hire a photographer to capture them at a beautiful destination, it makes it the perfect opportunity for the man to propose to his lady without her knowing it. So here's how it goes. Nitzia and I take the couple on our normal adventure shoot, walking them around and capturing them in the beautiful Sedona red rocks. Then when we make it to our last stop high up on a dramatic vista... the magic moment happens! So at the end of the evening, they have so many great shots of them. Since we're already with them and not hiding behind some bush or rock... we're able to set up our professional outdoor lighting and capture the whole wonderful surprise professionally. Couples are ecstatic with the results!

Al and Jessica are one of our recent couples we took on a Surprise Adventure Engagement Shoot. They are two of the sweetest souls Nitzia and I have ever met. To see the pure joy on Jessica's face when Al pop the question was an experience we will always cherish. Just take a look at these amazing pics!

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