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Couples come from all over the world to see and be captured in Sedona's amazing beauty. Sedona is most known for is its vivid colors. The problem is, most couples hire a photographer thinking they are going to be captured in Sedona's beautiful colors only to find out later, their images are all washed out. So it's very important to choose the right photographer when you plan your special trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Natural Light Photographers can be great for capturing documentary or lifestyle pictures. But if you want to get colorful studio quality images even though it was taken outdoors... only a Professional Photographer that uses outdoor studio lighting can accomplish it. The lighting is very harsh here in Arizona. And when a Natural Light Photographer is taking a picture of you outdoors... they have to expose for you. If you're shooting against the sun, then your face is in the shadow. So bringing the exposure up in order to see your face totally washes out the beautiful colors of the mountains and sky surrounding you. If you're facing the sun... then the lighting is too harsh and you look like you have racoon eyes. So a Natural Light Photographer is very limited.

But a Professional Photographer has powerful off camera lighting (powerful enough to overpower the sun) to control the lighting on you even though you're in the bright outdoors. So the Professional is not limited by the harsh lighting. The Professional is easily able to use the powerful outdoor studio lighting to light you in soft light... making it look like you're in a studio, while capturing the beautiful colored landscape behind you.

We get couples quite often that have previously had their pictures taken by a Natural Light Photographer and were disappointed they didn't have the beautiful colors in their images Sedona is known for. That's why they seek us out and why we have been blessed with hundreds of happy clients and Reviews. We know how important it is when you are spending your hard earned money to travel to Sedona expecting the best. Nitzia and I love our beautiful area and want you to be able to take a piece of it home with you. So we go the extra mile in backpacking our lighting with us no matter where we go or how far we hike or jeep in order to make your images the absolute best. When we get to that gorgeous spot with the red rocks lit up against our golden desert sunset... we make sure we capture every color for you. It's important to us you have all your images look just the way your remembered it!

Here are a few images below we took with our Professional Outdoor Lighting. These images would be impossible to capture with a Natural Light Photographer.

(All images captured by Stacy Burk Photography)

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Merry Go Round Rock is a famous and gorgeous location for adventurous people to discover. Here in Sedona, Arizona... there are hundreds of amazing places to see. But for people that don't want to hike very far, Merry Go Round Rock is a great place to go.

The only way to get to Merry Go Round Rock is by a high clearance jeep. So you can rent one, or we can provide one. Once you get to the top... it's only a ten minute hike to one of the most beautiful vistas in North America.

On one recent occasion... we had a couple scheduled to go up Schnebly Hill Road to Merry Go Round Rock. But it was on a very stormy day. I asked the couple how they felt about it and told them they would probably get the best pictures they could ever imagine. Storms cause crazy drama. But when you have a storm over an amazing back drop... you get epic pictures! I guess all the other photographers and couples booked that day were too scared to go, because we had the whole mountain to ourselves. Check out these images below. It was an Adventure Elopement, so we married them on the tip top of Merry Go Round Rock. They had an absolute blast!

(It was a little dangerous climbing down to some of the spots I captured this couple. I'm one of the few photographers willing to take the risk. And we're still the only photographers that carry Professional Outdoor Lighting every where we go. Otherwise, the shots below would be impossible)

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Sedona is a prime wedding destination that people travel from all over the world to see. Why? Because it's one of the most beautiful and romantic places on Earth!

Since most weddings in Sedona come from couples out of town, it's difficult for them to plan their special day since they are not familiar with locations, officiants, photographers, cake bakers, florists or venues. So the solution is to hire a good planner. How do you do that? First, start googling wedding or elopement planners in Sedona. Look at their work, then check out their Reviews on Google. There are several wedding planners in town, but the best one we recommend is Sedona Elopement Weddings.

When you give them a call, you will speak with Leslie... and she is absolutely wonderful. We've been working with them for several years now and we only work with the best. Since we are the only ones in town with our own choreographer for poses and carry professional lighting everywhere we go, (whether it be an adventure elopement or traditional wedding)... this makes our work stand above the rest and is the reason our images are so dramatic and colorful.

When you call us, we take care of everything. Whether it be a grand adventure elopement where we put a back pack on and hike to a gorgeous remote location, a simple elopement that is short and sweet or traditional wedding... we take all the weight off of you so you can relax and enjoy your special day just the way you dreamed it to be.

Here's a happy couple from one of our recent weddings. (Notice how none of the skies are over exposed and everything is well lit and colorful, even though it was a full day wedding with all kinds of different lighting conditions)

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