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  • Stacy Burk

One of our absolute favorite type of shoots are our Surprise Adventure Engagement Shoots. Since it is very common for couples nowadays to hire a photographer to capture them at a beautiful destination, it makes it the perfect opportunity for the man to propose to his lady without her knowing it. So here's how it goes. Nitzia and I take the couple on our normal adventure shoot, walking them around and capturing them in the beautiful Sedona red rocks. Then when we make it to our last stop high up on a dramatic vista... the magic moment happens! So at the end of the evening, they have so many great shots of them. Since we're already with them and not hiding behind some bush or rock... we're able to set up our professional outdoor lighting and capture the whole wonderful surprise professionally. Couples are ecstatic with the results!

Al and Jessica are one of our recent couples we took on a Surprise Adventure Engagement Shoot. They are two of the sweetest souls Nitzia and I have ever met. To see the pure joy on Jessica's face when Al pop the question was an experience we will always cherish. Just take a look at these amazing pics!

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  • Stacy Burk

The most Iconic mountain in Arizona is without a doubt, the majestic Cathedral Mountain in Sedona, Arizona. From a photographer's view, it's a masterpiece and one of the most photographed mountains in North America. When composed through the lens, there is nothing else to confuse the eye. It's simple and stands alone in the huge Arizona sky. It's striking red glow at sunset is unlike any mountain you've seen. So when you compose a couple in the picture with it... it's the perfect backdrop.

When you look at images on Instagram, you'll notice many of the pictures have too much in them, which drowns out the couple with too many colors or objects. Being that there is only one color to compete when you're standing in front of Cathedral Rock, it's easy to contrast against the vivid majestic red and deep blue sky. With being such a romantic spot, it's no wonder couples love this magical location for their special elopement or occasion. It's also a great spot in Sedona to watch the sunset. Just check these few images below we shot of a couple for their special day. A storm was passing by on this particular evening. So even though we didn't have our normal sunset... the drama of the sky and puddles to play in made up for it!

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  • Stacy Burk

My Grandmother started bringing me during summers to Sedona when I was a kid. The red rocks blew my mind back then and to me, it was the best play ground I'd ever seen. I just wanted to climb everything. Especially loved cooling off while sliding down Slick Rock in Oak Creek Canyon. But when I became a teenager, I spent my summers helping my Dad on the ranch/farm back in Texas. During my Junior and High School years, I trained horses, managed a small goat dairy (drank most of my profit, lol), team roped as a healer and hauled lots of hay. When it came time for my Senior pictures... all I got was a cheesy portrait sitting in front of a fake generic background. If I had gotten anything like the images below, I definitely would have kept them all my life with fond memory.

Bottom line... memories are important and pictures hold power within them. Capturing them is a blessing we have nowadays. My advice... don't ever take your special events for granted. Live in that very moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Then someday, your memories can inspire you to live and make even more!

Congratulations to all Seniors graduating this year. May God bless you as you pursue your dreams and may you keep Him first in all your endeavors.

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