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Monument Valley Photography

  Taking Monument Valley Photos

Monument Valley is a breathtaking area of natural beauty on the Arizona-Utah border. Whether or not you've ever actually been to Monument Valley, you've probably seen these towering, picturesque rock formations before. This is John Wayne country, the backdrop of old Hollywood’s Wild West movies. 
With our help, you can be the feature attraction of your own Monument Valley photos. It’ll be nothing but you and the open desert, with the striking red landscape cutting against the sky. It's a beautiful, natural place that adventurers and romantics alike will enjoy.

Here at Stacy Burk Photography, we've got plenty of practice taking images in Monument Valley. Since it falls into Navajo Nation territory, we go out with an authentic Navajo guide who knows the land well. Whether you have a strong idea of the photos you want to take, or you want us to lead the way, you’ll get unforgettable mementos of your time in Monument Valley.

You’'ll Love Your Sedona and Monument Valley Photos!
We actually take lots of photos out in the wilderness of the Southwest. Many couples love the connection between the untamed beauty of the desert and celebrating their love for each other. If you're looking to embrace that style, we highly recommend Sedona or Monument Valley Adventure photos. 

We bring almost everything you need to stay comfortable and look right at home... including water, various shawls and wraps, and a portable changing tent if you want to try out multiple outfits. However you dress, your striking adventure photos are bound to impress everyone you show.

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