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Stacy Burk Photography
Stacy Burk Photography

The Photo Session Adventure of a Life Time

 Monument Valley Photographer 

Booking this adventure requires at least two weeks’ notice. 

(For Couples, Engagements, and Elopements)

The Monument Valley land belongs to the Navajo.  So  to reach the most beautiful landscapes  require a Navajo Guide. We take you to the secret places and everything is prepared for you giving you the best adventure and photos. This adventure and photo session includes a four-wheel drive transportation, a choreographer for posing and a professional outdoor photo shoot.  

What makes having a Monument Valley photographer in Arizona, so special are the one-of-a-kind landscapes, breathtaking backdrops, and picture-perfect locations. When you book this guided-tour photo experience, you’ll encounter an adventurous photography session like no other. This experience is truly the adventure of a lifetime, and it's the perfect way to preserve special occasions and just-because getaways. 

With Monument Valley as your backdrop and a professional photographer behind the camera, the pictures captured on this adventurous photo session will spark awe and joy. Nearing over thirty years of professional photography experience, we take pride in the work we do and the moments we capture. Due to our experience, we know exactly where to take the most stunning pictures... especially in Monument Valley. On top of everything, we are also the only photography team, that uses professional outdoor lighting equipment. After the photography session, you can find and view your beautifully edited photographs in an exclusive online gallery.

Have your pictures stand out with the most colorful, diverse, and beautiful landscapes Arizona has to offer. With our adventure package, having a Monument Valley photographer, is a one-of-a-kind experience that blends photography and choreography to create unique images that you will treasure forever.

The beautiful Monument Valley is unlike anything else in the world--why not capture every moment of your experience in this magical place? Reserve your spot for a unique and stunning professional photography experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

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