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Sedona Photographers

  Natural Light Photographer vs Professional Photographer

Want to be captured in Sedona's beautiful red rock colors or sunset? Well, then don't hire a natural light photographer. Unfortunately, most of the photographers in Sedona don't know how to use professional outdoor lighting. Which means, they have to expose their camera to see you, which causes our magnificent landscape to be overexposed. That's why you see most wedding photographers images washed out. People come from all over the world to be captured in our one of a kind colorful red rock landscape... and we here at Stacy Burk Photography have become known as the best in Professional Outdoor Portraits. Check out the images on our site and compare them to other photographers in the area, and you will notice how vibrant and life like ours is. We hear all the time from clients they chose us due to our knowledge of outdoor professional off camera lighting. But our expertise doesn't stop there.

For instance... it can be tough to come up with the perfect way to ask someone to marry you. We want you and your partner to be comfortable, but also set up a situation where you can really surprise and delight them. We have the perfect solution. We take you and your romantic partner on a sightseeing tour of Monument Valley or Sedona, and guide you to the perfect place for a special proposal.

We will be ready to capture your Sedona engagement photos when you pop the question without being obvious that something is about to happen. With decades of professional photography experience, we have the skill to get those spontaneous moments photographed and preserve a special memento for you to treasure forever. It makes the perfect accompaniment when you tell your friends and family about how you proposed!

We’re Among The Top Sedona Photographers

We want to make your engagement and your wedding one to remember, but our skills go beyond these romantic encounters. If you’re more interested in taking a professional portrait, family or some photos to promote your artistic endeavors, we know how to set the mood for these photoshoots just as well. If you consider yourself a little awkward or unnatural when taking these kinds of pictures, don’t worry. Our choreographer will help you find poses where you feel happy and at ease. It’s these small personal touches that make us Sedona photographers like none other.

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