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The Great Chamber

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I live my life around a lesson my Dad taught me when I was a boy. My Dad was a fast runner in his younger years and very athletic. So fast, he could catch wild rabbits in the field! Well, he went to State in track and ran the 400 meter. He said he was so far ahead of everyone that he slowed up near the finish line because he thought he had the race won. Well, out of no where, a guy passed by him and took first place in the very last second.

My Dad learned a huge lesson that day. It taught him to never do anything half way. You have to give it your all, every time! If you don't, you will end up regretting it... especially when you can't go back and do it again.

When you give it your best in life, you have a sense of pride about what you do. And Nitzia and I are very proud of our work. We feel it's important to go the extra mile because we're so grateful to share God's beautiful wonders with everyone. We are running our race as hard as we can, and in doing so, we enjoy each day that God gives us to the fullest. The rewards are priceless, because we feel alive. We are making a difference in people's lives and there will be no regrets with us!

Nitzia and I captured the image below in a magical place called The Great Chamber. It should be listed as one of the world's most magnificent natural wonders! But, you won't find this on any map and it's very difficult to get to. We hired a professional guide to get us there and she was wonderful! You can find Lara at Coral Cliffs Tours and Townhomes.

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