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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

I remember meeting the Lone Ranger at the Texas State Fair as a boy. He was my hero. I even had a Lone Ranger outfit. He stood for justice and fought against those who do wrong. The American Cowboy has been the symbol of God and Country for many years. When you think of a cowboy, you think of things like 'true grit', tough, strong morals, working hard and using your good old common sense. In many ways, the legends of the great American Cowboy has died off in this country and we are seeing the signs of it. It seems people have become too passive and good morals degenerating to people accepting most anything. Cowboy Actors like John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry knew the importance of what the Cowboy legend meant to keeping the backbone of America strong and it's why they were who they were and stood for. We need more Cowboys again today and I'm here to say... I've never been more proud to be an American Cowboy than I am now. (This photo was taken where John Wayne filmed the famous western movie, "True Grit")

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