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Chasing the Light!

This is Melody Arch. It's located on a mountain top that we climbed above the world famous "Wave".

Yep, you guessed it... we got to go to "The Wave"! This area is one of most wanted to see locations in the world. Extremely remote, but that's what is so awesome about it. No one around! Plus, it's hard to find. We woke up early while it was still dark, hiked 3 miles, then climbed a high mountain to reach this in time for the sun to shine through the natural window in the rock. It's over a thousand foot drop when you look out the window! We literally ran right through The Wave in order to make it here in time for the right lighting. It was so hard not to stop and explore The Wave when we ran through it. It's jaw dropping. But we came back to it later in the day. I don't know how anyone could not believe in God after seeing this magnificent area. More images and adventure to come!

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