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Best Outdoor Portrait Photography in Sedona Arizona

When Nitzia and I started our bur business, we were determined to become the best. We wanted people to instantly see nothing is average about what we do. And from what we're hearing from our clients, we believe we're on track. We're both passionate people that love to create and help others achieve their goals. To do that, we live to inspire all those who see our work. (Not only our photography, but our music videos also. Check out our newest video here on YouTube)

When we accept a new client, Nitzia and I take our time with them and make sure we understand the goal they are wanting to accomplish. Since we know the area so well, we then choose the best location. Every client is different and we respect their vision. We never look at anyone as just another number. In fact, we turn away clients if we don't think we are the right match for what they are wanting. We take pride in our photography. Nitzia and I always go the extra mile for all our clients to make sure their pictures are absolutely stunning. We only shoot at certain times of the day and carry our professional outdoor lighting with us everywhere we go, even for our adventurous couples we hike up into the mountains for those once in a lifetime dramatic shots. It's easy for a photographer to get lazy and save money by not using professional lighting. That's a huge mistake for the bright Arizona sun, because to get the beautiful colors of both landscape and the client... you have to have very powerful lighting. I'm not talking about the cheap little carry flash some photographers carry around. Those won't do anything in bright outdoors. We use only the 500 watt powerful Profoto Monolights. That's why our clients have soft lighting around their faces. You'll also notice the backgrounds behind the client are not blown out in our pictures. Our colorful landscape portraits have been our signature and what we've become known for. It's why couples and clients seek us out from all around the country and why we have more Five Star Reviews than any other photographer in Arizona.

Nitzia and I are grateful to God to be able to do what we do. Everything we do, we do to the best of our talent and ability because we love God and respect what He has given us. We're passionate about our work and love our clients. Here is a famous model that visits us every time she's in Sedona, and we treat her like a queen.

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