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Always Stay True To Yourself

I'm pretty sure everyone's been made fun of at least once in their life.

At age 9, I looked at a Coke bottle and read the ingredients. I decided it was bad for me and started reading the ingredients on most everything before I bought or ate it. Several years later, I dated a girl that made fun of me for reading the ingredients when I went to the store. That relationship didn't last long.

Since age 9, I've never drank any soda, ate any cake, candy or sweets, never been to a fast food restaurant, never been drunk, never smoked anything and never wore a mask. If any of these things were good for me, I would have been doing them decades ago, because I know what is healthy for me!

Now even though some people laughed at me back then, they're not laughing anymore and I've never changed for anyone. I've always been the cowboy that love his country and the great outdoors.

Though I may not wear a mask, I do put on the full armor of God every day... and I have the discipline and the know how to use it.

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