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A Country Boy, With An American Heartbeat

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I'm a country boy... a country boy that believes folks should not have to close their businesses they've worked so hard for, for so many years.

Fear did not build this country, it tears it down.

But I feel a storm coming on... a storm of passionate strong men and women who are not afraid. You see, country folk work hard, and play even harder. It's in our blood.

We ain't afraid of dying because we're too busy living.

We pray, and then we trust God. We don't stand apart from our neighbor, we hug our neighbor. We shake their hand and look them straight in the eye.

We don't live in fear. We live in faith. Because it's Almighty God that pumps courageous life through our veins. It powered our ancestors through impossible odds, and that blood pumps through us now.

There's a place we put our hand when we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Even so with the Star Spangled Banner. It's the place we feel the source... the source of strength, courage, honor and love.

It's to comfort and remind us... who made us, where He resides and that WE ARE ALIVE.

Put your hand to your chest and feel it now. We are the heartbeat of this country!

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