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Nashville Recording Artist

Certified Professional Adventure Photographer

Wedding and Portrait Photography in Sedona and The Great Southwest

We're Your Photography, Elopement and Adventure Guides To The West


Stacy's creative photography is sought after by couples all over Arizona and the Southwest.

"There are thousands of photographers, but only a select few in the world are really great... Stacy is one of those few.

He is not just an entertainer, photographer or producer. He is an Artist and nothing He does is average. Stacy not only raises the bar, but brings his passionate creativity with adventure every time!" Garth

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The Art of Making Moments Timeless

Stacy Burk has been recognized as the Best of 2023/24 Elopement and Wedding Photographer in Sedona, Arizona. His dedication to excellence and commitment to capturing the most memorable moments have earned him a reputation as one of the top photographers in the region. Having honed his craft in the competitive entertainment industry of Nashville and Los Angeles, Stacy understands the importance of delivering top-notch quality to his clients. His commitment to excellence has earned him the title of the most 5-star-rated photographer on Google in the state of Arizona and the entire Southwest. With a passion for storytelling through his lens, Stacy brings a unique perspective to each photo session, ensuring that every image tells a captivating story of love and adventure. Unlike many photographers in Sedona who rely solely on natural light, Stacy utilizes both natural light and studio-quality lighting to capture vibrant, colorful images even in harsh sunlight. His innovative approach to lighting allows him to control the mood and atmosphere of each photograph, creating stunning portraits that stand out from the rest. With his advanced lighting techniques, Stacy is able to highlight the natural beauty of Sedona's landscapes while ensuring that his subjects are perfectly illuminated. Stacy's background as a country music artist and experience working with professional photographers in Nashville have honed his skills in portraiture, allowing him to create stunning images that capture the essence of his subjects. His keen eye for detail and ability to connect with his clients on a personal level result in portraits that are both authentic and captivating. Whether capturing the love between couples, the joy of families, or the beauty of maternity, Stacy's expertise in portraiture shines through in every photograph, creating timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Creative Artist At Work


Stacy Burk Photography


"Studio Quality Lighting In The Great Outdoors"

Sedona is known as one of the most magical places in the world for Elopements. But here in the West, the sun can be harsh. If you look at other photographers websites, you may notice many of their pictures are over exposed... meaning you can't see the colors of the sky or the Sedona red rocks. That's because most photographers in Sedona are only natural light photographers. This is unfortunate because people come here to get captured in our colorful landscape. At Stacy Burk Photography, we pride ourselves in our ability to capture you in our beautiful landscape. With our powerful lighting, you can rest assured, your pictures will have color.

(Officiant and Witness Provided)


Stacy Burk Photography

Experience the magic of Sedona's hidden gems with our Sedona Secret Adventure Shoot. Escape the tourist rush for a private, romantic adventure. We go to epic secret locations only us locals know about. Book now!

Soaring High by Stacy Burk Photography


Just because someone has a camera and website does not make them a professional. Always look at their work. I've invested hundreds of thousands in my education and equipment. With me, you can rest assured your shoot will be covered by the latest in camera gear, editing software and high-end lighting. (Check out our Maternity and Family Package)

Stacy Burk Photography





READY FOR AN ADVENTURE? Have your experience in the most beautiful place in the world captured by a professional photographer in Sedona, Arizona.  Get ready to go for an adventure surrounded by the majestic panoramas and glow of the Red Rocks during Sunset. We will capture your experience with our outdoor studio quality lighting and photography skills in the colorful Sedona landscape. We also have a portable changing tent, so bring that beautiful dress you've been wanting to wear. Afterwards, you will be able to take this experience to share with all your loved ones and friends with your own Professional Online Gallery.

A cowboy in the West.

Create, Inspire, Explore...

Then Imagine More

Monument Valley Adventure Package

"The Most Iconic and Majestic Landscape"

Many call this John Wayne country... But I call it God's country. No other place on Earth is as iconic as Monument Valley. Whether it's your Wedding, anniversary or just want to capture the experience of being in such an awe-inspiring place, we have the package for you. (Includes Navajo Guide, 4 Wheel Drive Transportation and The Adventure of a Life Time!)

Stacy Burk Photography
Stacy Burk Photography

Merry Go Round
Adventure Package



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Why Choose Stacy Burk Photography?

With a background deeply rooted in the entertainment industry and a passion for capturing life's most precious moments, Stacy Burk brings a unique blend of skill, creativity, and expertise to every photoshoot.

Pregnant Lady


With roots in the entertainment industry and years of experience in photography, Stacy brings a wealth of knowledge to every shoot.

Engaged couple


From hiking to off-roading, Stacy goes above and beyond to capture breathtaking shots in the stunning landscapes of Sedona.

Wedding picture

Unique Style

Unlike other photographers in Sedona, Stacy combines natural light with off-camera lighting to create vibrant, dynamic images.

portrait of a woman


As a solo photographer, Stacy offers a personal, intimate, and meticulously tailored experience for every client.

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landscape portrait

"The Great American West is my studio. With the most diverse beautiful landscapes in the world, it's no wonder they call this God's Country"


Stacy Burk Photograpy

Stacy is not your average  photographer in Sedona, Arizona. His high experience comes from his unique background. Benefit from Stacy's years of modeling and being in the entertainment world in Nashville and L.A.

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If it were not for my years in the Entertainment Industry, I wouldn't know what a real photographer is. When I started offering my services and experience to the public, I was shocked at how many people are calling themselves professionals just because they have a camera. They may have shot lots of weddings, but if they haven't learned how to use professional lighting, they are still amateurs. It's near impossible to capture both landscape and the person without it. You can't expose for both without over powering the sun... and for that, you need powerful lighting and experience in how to use it. Furthermore, you need years of experience in modeling, digital editing, posing and knowing how to control the light around you before you can be a great photographer. Popular public figures know this and hire the best because they want to look great. Don't hire the ordinary... hire the extraordinary and have pictures you can't wait to share with others. Pictures that'll make you smile for years to come! See what my professional photography services in Sedona, Arizona, can do for your special occasion! 


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