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Possibly The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

I've not traveled the world, but we have photographed couples who have. They tell us they've seen many beautiful places, but their favorite of all the places they have been is Sedona and the American Southwest.

My grandmother started bringing me out to Sedona when I was 8 years old to visit Uncle Mutt and Aunt Lotybee. I fell in love with Sedona and have been traveling, hiking, photographing and exploring the Southwest ever since. It's my favorite place on Earth and I'm proud to call it home. There's always something new to see here because the terrain is constantly changing. In fact, the Four Corners Area (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado) contain the most varieties of geographical landscapes in the world. That's why we have seven National Parks all within a days drive from Sedona.

So, you may ask why isn't Sedona a National Park? Well, settlers started settling here because of the great weather and beauty in the mid 1800's long before National Parks were ever created. Otherwise, Sedona would have been a National Park. There is the Coconino National Forest that surrounds Sedona which is all protected land and this is where we do our hiking. This area is unique because Sedona has the most accessible hiking of any other town in America. We literally hike right from our house. There's so much beauty here and secrets to find and explore... like ancient Indian ruins and dinosaur footprints.

When you come to Sedona, give us a shout and we will point you to some of most magical places you've ever seen. Just plan on staying a while... because there is so much to see and do. You'll find it hard to leave our colorful country!

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