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How I Overcame My Fears And Got To Where I Am Today

I think I maybe one of the most blessed people on Earth. Whether that's true or not makes no difference because it's the way I feel.

Back before I started this journey, I made a goal to get to this way of feeling. I had fears at the time that kept me from truly putting my heart and soul into it, because I knew I would have to take risks and make sacrifices. The fears whispered little things in my head like, there's others better than I am, or I would fail and lose everything. Well, I buckled down, started listening to God and worked my butt off day after day, year after year because I believed in what He was telling me. I got away from the things or people that caused drama and became focused like a fighter pilot. God put me through trials that built my confidence and gave me courage. It has been really tough at times, but God has continually been by my side all the way and it's these awe inspiring scenes like the picture here that I feel Him rewarding me.

I love what I do. In fact, I'm passionate about what I do. But I'm the most passionate about my Father in Heaven who has lead me here, helped me overcome my fears and gives me this fiery passion I wake up with every single day!

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