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Here's how you do a Surprise Engagement... the right way!

We've figured out the funnest way to do a Surprise Engagement! Everything is taken care of for you. All you need to do is show up in some comfortable walking shoes, bring the love, the girl... and the adventure begins!

Couples are used to taking tours on their vacations. They also love getting pictures for their memories. It's becoming very common for people to hire photographer guides to capture them on their trips. After all, you can't get good pictures taking selfies with a cell phone when trying to capture the special landscapes around you. And it just looks unprofessional with your arm up in the picture all the time.

Well, we have a special tour called the "Capture Your Sedona Experience" where we take you up into the colorful Red Rocks with gorgeous panoramic views of famous mountains like Cathedral, Bell Rock and Courthouse Mountain. We tell you of the interesting history during the adventure, while capturing you with our professional lighting and equipment in our majestic landscapes. Couples love it, and it's an adventure of love and beauty you won't soon forget!

This tour, or adventure, lasts around an hour and a half. Here's how it goes... First, we hike about 10 minutes up to Bell Rock, where we explore the famous energy vortex. The Red Rocks are massive here, and the vistas are breathtaking! This is where we grab our first set of photos of you together. Don't worry if you're shy and don't know how to pose. We know how to make you look like super stars!

Next, we hike around 15 minutes to a beautiful mountain prairie during the golden glow of sunset. The huge rock mountains shooting straight up behind you make this spot absolutely mesmerizing, like something you'd see in a magazine or movie. This is where we take your second shoot with our professional equipment and lighting.

We save the best for last! We take the short hike up Baby Bell... guys, this is where you pop the question. The sun is setting... you're in the Red Rocks of Sedona in one of the most panoramic vistas with the famous Cathedral mountain in the distance. Now's your special moment... and I'm there to capture it all! The best part is... she never expected it, because she was on a tour.

Here are some images of a surprise engagement tour for your entertainment.

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