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Believe in yourself first before you expect others to believe in you

My Dad once went to a doctor, and when the doctor walked into his room, he noticed how overweight and unhealthy the man was. So my Dad walked out. He said he just couldn't trust a doctor to advise him about his health when the man couldn't even take care of his own. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as our self. Well, it was obvious to my Dad the doctor didn't love his self very much... and furthermore didn't respect the body Gad gave him. Think about it... the man chose a profession about health, but he didn't walk the walk. My Dad said it just felt like the doctor was there for the money and that he needed to first learn how to take care of his own health before he started trying to advise others.

It's the same way with believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself, there must be proof of it. Meaning, you don't sit around feeling sorry or blaming others for your mistakes or problems. You take full responsibility. You're no longer held back by fear or afraid of getting a few cuts and bruises in order to step out of your bubble. When you believe in yourself, money is not your motivator. Passion is your motivator, because you love what you're doing and feeling. Believing in yourself is respecting yourself and what God has given you, then taking action. It means becoming strong both mentally and physically... because the two go hand in hand. So back to the doctor, the proof is in the pudding and the doctor did not inspire or move my Dad to make him believe he knew what he was doing. So he couldn't trust him. If you want people to believe in you... then first believe in yourself. Live what you preach, don't just talk the talk. You got to walk the walk. It will be crystal clear to others when you do. They will respect you and there won't be any question about it!

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