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Back to Nature... Back to Health

A friend of mine got a letter while staying on a local Indian Reservation here in Arizona that his sister was about to have major surgery to remove parts of some of her organs. The doctors were trying to get the cancer out of her, but didn't give her much chance of surviving. He immediately hopped in his little car and drove all the way to Minnesota, parked near the entrance and went in to find her. When he found her, he pulled her tubes out, carried her to his car while the nursing staff was yelling, "you can't do that"! He said, "Watch me" and drove her all the way back to the Reservation here in Arizona where he nursed his sister back to health. He was studying Herbal Medicine there and is a Master Herbalist. This took place 27 years ago and he and his sister are healthy and doing very well.

If you don't eat healthy, have gotten away from nature and are not in shape... then I have to question your spirituality. You see, mankind has gotten way from nature. Pharmaceutical companies have lured doctors away from nature too. But the Native Americans knew the importance of nature and protected it with their lives. They believed in keeping man, God and nature in harmony. This is the reason why certain tribes were so close to God even though they had never had a Bible. God created nature to teach us about Him. He takes care of us through nature and also communicates through it. But the white man has not respected God or His nature. Money and greed lead this country and that's why the Native Americans wanted no part of it from the beginning. Being close to God is respecting nature and the power of healing it gives to us. In doing so, you learn God wants you to be healthy in mind, spirit and body and to have balance between them. People that proclaim to be strong Christians, but do not take care of any one of these three, in my opinion, are not really close to God at all.

Ponder this... God has given you everything you need in nature to stay healthy. He also gave you an amazing body that can repair and heal itself when given the right nutrients. So if you're praying for God to heal you, and you're not getting better... it's because you are doing nothing with what He has already freely given you. What I'm saying is, you can't disrespect God and the nature He created for you and expect to be healed. Respecting God, means taking care of your body and the nature He gave you. That means learning about it and spending time in it. If mankind would spend its resources studying all that God's nature has to offer instead of developing another new drug with dangerous side effects, then we would be way ahead of the game. But as it stands, we have went backwards and the way Pharmaceutical companies treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer is like we live in the dark ages.

To, sum up... Why would you get mad at God for not healing you, when he has already given you everything you need to heal yourself? Just like he gave you everything you need to make a living. Don't expect Him to reward you for sitting on your butt and doing nothing. Don't put it all on the doctors to keep you healthy either. In times of emergency, doctors are needed. But in the end, there is only one person responsible for your health... YOU.

God is THE Almighty, and He can choose to heal you in a second. But if you truly love God, then you will respect Him by taking care of your body and His beautiful nature. The richest people, the smartest scientist and the best pharmaceutical companies will never outsmart God and His creation. The Native Americans tried to show us this centuries ago. Don't you think it's about time we listened?

(God spoke the above message to me today in my heart as I was doing my daily hike in the mountains. Praise be to God, Nitzia and I are in the best health and shape of our lives because of our relationship with Him!)

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