It's the best way to experience Sedona and have it captured forever. Not only do we take you on a short adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the area, but we also carry our powerful off camera lighting. That is why our pictures have color and nothing is ever washed out. Families come from all over the country to be captured in Sedona's beautiful colors. We make sure they get what they want and have a blast doing it!

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  • Stacy Burk

What's so awesome about God is, not only did He create so many beautiful places for us to discover and explore... but He also made it to where every place you've been to never looks the same way twice. God is always changing the sky, the colors and the way the light hits the surfaces to dazzle the eyes. This couple was blown away by the show God put on for them this magical evening!

(Photos taken from our Capture Your Sedona Experience)

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  • Stacy Burk

There are few places in the world that are beautiful as Sedona... but far fewer that are accessible to reach and enjoy that beauty. When I mean accessible, I'm talking about walking 100 yards from your car and being surrounded by majestic landscapes, panoramic view and colors that will astound you. For jaw dropping vistas and serene outdoor elopements, most other places you'd need to drive or hike several miles to get to out of town. But not in Sedona. The images in this blog were taken right in Sedona city limits and around 50 yards from the car. Also, we have everything you need for your adventure. We provide the witness and the officiant. But if you're like a lot of couples who are just looking to capture a romantic adventure, engagement or anniversary... then look no further.

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