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Secret Slick Rock

The most Iconic mountain in Arizona is without a doubt, the majestic Cathedral Mountain in Sedona, Arizona. From a photographer's view, it's a masterpiece and one of the most photographed mountains in North America. When composed through the lens, there is nothing else to confuse the eye. It's simple and stands alone in the huge Arizona sky. It's striking red glow at sunset is unlike any mountain you've seen. So when you compose a couple in the picture with it... it's the perfect backdrop.

When you look at images on Instagram, you'll notice many of the pictures have too much in them, which drowns out the couple with too many colors or objects. Being that there is only one color to compete when you're standing in front of Cathedral Rock, it's easy to contrast against the vivid majestic red and deep blue sky. With being such a romantic spot, it's no wonder couples love this magical location for their special elopement or occasion. It's also a great spot in Sedona to watch the sunset. Just check these few images below we shot of a couple for their special day. A storm was passing by on this particular evening. So even though we didn't have our normal sunset... the drama of the sky and puddles to play in made up for it!

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