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New Music Video Release from Stacy Burk!

Nitzia and I are so excited to share with you our newest creation! This video is over ten years in the making. Let me explain. Over a decade ago, I wrote the music to the song in this video. But over the years, I rewrote the song three times. I just wasn't happy with the words yet. It wasn't till 2014 that I finally finished the song. So then it was time to take it to the studio where I produced it.

Most of my fans know that I love to make videos to my music. To me, it completes the message and takes it to a whole new level to tantalize the senses. Nitzia and I took over twenty hours of video through our latest overlanding adventure. When we returned home to beautiful Sedona, we carefully pieced together the gorgeous footage into the story we wanted to tell.

We feel closest to God when we overland. I understand why the ancient Native Americans were so protective of the land. It was their connection with God. Even though they didn't have a Bible, several tribes had a better understanding and closer connection to God than the pilgrims and pioneers that did have a Bible. Technology and being too comfortable in our homes can distract us from our Creator. So Nitzia and I hope our photography and videos inspire people to take a break and spend some time in the amazing landscapes God created for us to explore.

No more dilly dallying. It's time for fun. It's time for adventure. It's time to get inspired by our newest video, "Wanted"!

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