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How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Why you need to be intermittent fasting, and why I never eat breakfast...

Reason 1: When you fast, you create an Epigenetic Effect. This means, 'above genes'. In other words, if you were born with bad genes, fasting turns off the bad genes and help turn on the good genes hid deep in your Genetic strands. This means you live longer, are healthier and can resist more diseases.

Reason 2: You create Autophagy when you fast. What this means is you get the junk out of the trunk sort of speak. Autophagy is recycling all of the bad dead cells in your body into new ones, which make you LOOK YOUNGER. When you're eating throughout the day, your body never gets a chance to do this because it's spending all its energy trying to digest the food constantly in your body you've been consuming. Imagine always having your colon full of food and never getting a chance to clean itself out and rejuvenate. When you're eating 3 meals a day and maybe even snacking in between, your body doesn't get a chance to create Autophagy. This is so stressful to your body, so start fasting!

Reason 3: Decreased Inflammation: When you're fasting... it gives your body time to heal and clean itself out. Inflammation is the beginning of all diseases. So what this means is you are dramatically decreasing your risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, viruses and the list goes on and on!

Reason 4: Increased Antioxidants! You get antioxidants from eating colorful foods, but your body can also make them. When you're fasting, your body starts producing more antioxidants, which protects you against oxidation, aging and pollution.

Reason 5: You become LESS hungry. When you're fasting, your body finally gets a chance to start burning the energy from the fat in your body. But when you're eating 3 meals a day, your body doesn't get this opportunity. Fat is your most efficient form of energy, so when your body switches to running off your own fat instead of constantly trying to live off and digest all the carbs and protein you're eating, then your body becomes efficient and you become less hungry... able to do more while thinking more clearly.

There are so many benefits of fasting. These are just a few of the reasons why I never eat breakfast. This would be breaking my fast from the night before. Skipping breakfast increases my fasting time, so I never eat before 1pm. Quite often, I wait till supper time, which means I only had one meal that day. This lifestyle allows me to hike all day without any problems whatsoever. In other words, I feel like Superman on this diet!

There are so many benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Bottom line... your health depends on it!

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