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How to Elope up to Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ

The famous Cathedral Rock is one of the most dramatic places to shoot or experience an Adventure Elopement in America. But, you have to be in descent shape if you want to make it to the top. It's only 0.8 miles up, so it's not even a mile. The thing is, it's very steep. Nothing dangerous, unless you're not in shape.

So if you like to hike, experience adventure and are in pretty descent shape... Cathedral is an absolute must to see! We have lots of gorgeous locations here in Sedona, but we're constantly taking couples to the top of Cathedral... whether it be an Elopement, Surprise Engagement or fun adventure shoot.

By the way, to get a shot like the one below... you have to have professional lighting. Just to give you heads up, we're the only ones to carry professional lighting all the way to the top of Cathedral Rock.

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